The Intern: Part II


Tuesday, 29th October 2013

David Weir Architects

Mosman Park, Western Australia, Australia



Week two. A lot of things happened today. First off, if you've read my previous entry and learned about Project A , it now has a name: Dave's Cans. I think it doesn't need to be under wraps any more. There's a facebook page, a development approval and a deadline of being open. So, today was day one of construction. Slow but steady.

Dave's Cans is an event bar on the rooftop of MYRE Fremantle, dealing with the supply side of alcohol during special events throughout the year. I still don't know all the details about it, but from what I've been hearing, it will encompass the entire rooftop atmosphere and tie everything together quite nicely in a little can-themed bow.

The day started off with drawing rudimentary dimensions on a floor plan to begin marking out areas for paint and construction. Based off the AutoCAD plan on the project server, we made measurements to assist us on site when making the marks. Confusing at first, but made sense as the first few measurements were made. I passed the blame on to the early morning wake up.

Onwards to Bunnings to purchase materials. A calculation of the area needed to tape down was 350 metres. 350 metres of masking tape. Not an easy feat, but there's nothing like throwing down loads of thin paper with adhesive everywhere. Other purchases include 150 metres of bricklayer's thread, concrete nails and hardware. It's go time.

We arrived at the rooftop at the start of the peak time of heat: 10:30am. The intensity of the sun hitting the 5000 square metre, pale white rooftop was enough to break a sweat within the minute. It's going to be a long day, but let's get started. A bit of confusion at the beginning regarding the bricklayer's thread and how to properly measure it ensued, but after a few Pythagoras theorem equations it was all sorted.

We laid down the two long lengths of the space down using the thread, then double-checked the angles using the 29,000mm or so length of the hypotenuse. It didn't line up exactly, but we narrowed it down to the building not having 90 degree angles or errors in the original plans. We went ahead with the taping down of the thread lines to prepare for the paint job.

After a few lengths of tape, we decided to break for lunch. Time flies by when you're on the rooftop of an abandoned major department store. A pulled pork burrito at a local coffee spot definitely filled the gap.

Returning to the rooftop at around 2:00pm, the heat really got to us. We started the long edge taping when David made the exclamation "Let's get the [REDACTED] off this stinking hot [REDACTED] roof." I was not to argue with that point, especially when the promise of beers back at the office piqued my interest.

When we arrived back at the office, an email regarding the PANTONE colour code of posters that had CMYK colour profiling. A bit of tinkering with Photoshop and then wondering what the strict definition of PANTONE is was interrupted by the arrival of the sender of the original email with a full list of PANTONE colours. I'm spelling it in all capital letters because I don't know how else to represent it. A few decisions later, a happy (PANTONE?) guy walking out the door, and another day was declared.

I have many images, but I want to go through them and properly prep them for presentation. Next week brings promise of the continuation of the construction of Dave's Cans.

- c.

PS: I'm a little disappointed in my efforts in my first The Intern post. While I was very fatigued from my first day and with late nights at other employments, there is no excuse.