The Intern: Interlude I

Tuesday, 10th December 2013


Western Australia, Australia

I received a message last night alerting me that there was to be no architecture today. While that would, as cause and effect would have it, mean that there would be no entry relating to today's architectural events, the writing does not conclude. Welcome to Interlude I.

There's a reason why there are no adventures to report today: Dave's Cans opened on the weekend, and we welcomed over 1,000 individuals to the party event. Live DJs - and a live saxophone lowdown - were moving the good vibes upwards all night. People were lining up to get inside, the bar was non-stop, and save for a windy twilight, it all went off without a hitch. The umbrellas took a battering from the Fremantle Doctor, but did not fail to protect drinkers from the sunlight. The lights were turned on, and what seemed like too few became comfortably illuminated, splashed among the starry night sky. It was amazing to be within a space that you've had your hand in helping create for a good few weeks.

I don't want to divulge too much information, though - for this week, I'll release a formal review of Dave's Cans. While it may be subject to bias, I'll try my best to be as objective as possible. It will be a learning experience. A few weeks ago, when conducting mark ups on floor plans on a Tuesday afternoon in the DWA office, David told me something: "Self-checking your work is important. It's one thing for a third-party to look through your drawings, but if you can't identify issues in your own designs, you'll find yourself in a lot of trouble". I could be paraphrasing, but that was the general idea. So, I'm going to "self-check" my work and review Dave's Cans. Look out for it in the next week.

Another reason for this interlude was to highlight events that I don't have the chance to bring up for lack of content.

  • The Accelerated Learning Laboratory Design Competition is still in the process of determining a winning design. The hectic nature of second semester and folio submission has delayed the judging process. Hopefully an update is incoming soon, I'm very eager to hear back from UWA regarding this competition.
  • Enrolment for 2014 at UWA has been submitted. Third year begins late February.
  • An expression of interest has surfaced regarding a project I've been working on for a while now. It's all tentative at the moment, so more information to be released when it's all concrete.
  • The shared creative space at MOANA Chambers that I hold a position at along with Dave Sharp and Nearnosis is currently undergoing an expansion and needs a design solution to accommodate. It's not a conventional project, but is one for personal and professional development.
  • Other communication mediums are being explored - more soon.
  • An analysis of the jury review system implemented in university studios. Huge write up. Incoming in the near future.
  • A different analysis on recent observations on Perth Train Station and the new City Link Project. Incoming next year.
  • General discussion of architectural reading material.

Weekly page views, uniques and audience size, as of 8th December 2013.

On another note, website statistics have been improving dramatically since The Intern: Part VI, when my website was shared by David on his personal Facebook page and on the DWA Facebook page. Total page views have been over 1,500 with about 500 unique viewers - most of those have been in the last six weeks. November hit a record with 634 page views and 151 unique viewers. Based on the nature of this website - a website showcasing an architectural student's studio and competitive work, with writings based on a weekly internship - these numbers are quite decent. I'm humbled, to say the least. Pings have been detected in not only Australia, but also the United States, Russia, England, Ireland, China, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand. I don't know who's reading this, but it seems to be gaining some form of traction internationally. привет, comrades.

It's a relatively slow day, but they are needed to refresh and recuperate from opening a rooftop bar.

Back to normal transmission next week, with The Intern: Part VIII.


- c.