The Intern: Part VII

Tuesday, 3rd December 2013

David Weir Architects

Mosman Park, Western Australia, Australia

Do you know what time it is?



Yes, it's time for ARCHITECTURE TIME! Actually, there's never really a time when it's not Architecture Time at David Weir Architects. Before I even stepped out of the front door of my house today, I received a message from David to meet them straight at Dave's Cans. There's absolutely no time for a rendezvous at the office. We only have three days until Dave's Cans needs to be factory-sealed and sent to your mailbox, fresh with the bottles and cans. Today's caffeine injection was sponsored by the infamous Rocketfuel, across the road from the UWA Architecture building, and purveyours of delicious espresso coffee that is essentially a catalyst to the eventual downfall of the common architectural student to the sweet and sickly smell of freshly brewed cups of Joe in black and red paper cups. Three shots alongside a white chocolate and macadamia muffin for breakfast: in for a penny, in for a pound.

A reminder of the painting times. I only need a splodge of yellow and dark blue to complete the paint bingo.

A reminder of the painting times. I only need a splodge of yellow and dark blue to complete the paint bingo.

Screaming through the Queensgate carpark to reach Dave's Cans at precisely 9:01am, I was greeted with a thoroughly developed rooftop bar venue. The fence is nearly completed, the bar is in four easy-to-assemble pieces, and there are now two trees adorned with lovely Buffalo lawn at their base. In no time, this place will be pouring beers and hosting some good times. David was already there with his brother in an impromptu meeting with a very important person - I'm not too sure who it was, but it had something to do with hygiene products and re-runs of M*A*S*H. My lip-reading skills are still developing.

Dave's Cans features a three pallet high stage for live performance acts of various activities. While the stage has been expertly crafted by local carpenters, the fa├žade treatment will suffer a worse fate - in the hands of the interns. Lauren and myself cracked the Pantone Solid Coated Warm Red paint tin and managed to paint all but one third of a panel with the paint left in the can. Hopes of completing the panels today were dashed when a new tin of paint would be available on the next day at the latest. The carpenters will be arriving tomorrow to complete the job, so we're going to have to risk it all and paint the last panel when it has been fixed on the stage. Mission impossible, considering we had major problems with painting the wall - don't look back at the past photos of Dave's Cans, I expertly edited the mistakes out. They'll be patched up for opening night. You'll never know. Speaking of which, opening night is this Sunday! Tickets are only $5, and you'll be treated to a wide array of acts, including the illustrious Rex Monsoon - who you may have seen playing at the Southbound street party at the recent Beaufort Street Festival - and other various acts who I am not aware of, but will surely enjoy their sweet tunes on Sunday night. There's also "face treats" from Salad Boyz - I mean, everyone likes food? 4pm to midnight, it'll be a good time. What, you have work the next day? No excuse!

Bottles 'n' cans, just clap your hands (and pay at the bar, because these things cost money)!

Enough talk about opening night - there's architecture to consume! Yes, consume. It's a twelve year old bottle of highly concentrated, freshly squeezed, straight-from-the-office-to-your-desk architecture, and we're about to down a couple of shots each and embark on a journey through the night that we'll surely forget. Dave's Cans needs tables and benches! We can't expect people to stand all night - they need a place to park it. The talented team at the level one workshop have knocked together our first table and set of benches for Cans, and it's our duty to bring it up to the rooftop. Whatever means necessary. Conveniently, David has hired some pretty buff interns, so we managed to just lift them all in one go through the lift and to the light of the rooftop using nothing but our strength and a little bit of elbow grease. I lied. We used a trolley to transport the heavy-duty table. And may have used it again for one of the benches. It was easy to lift, we just got lazy. Or smart. One of those, I'll let you decide which one. Choose wisely.

An extremely colourful sign, complete with hallmark eucalyptus tree, blue line, and Lauren's painting mistake. The first time I haven't edited it out. Feel the shame!

A visit from a local media outlet prompted everyone to drop everything and discuss what needed to be done to get the best shots possible for the papers. With finishing touches still being added, the choice of angles and 'what' to shoot were instrumental in making the reader think that the bar was ready; another case of tabloid fibbery. We don't lie, we just bend the truth. I managed to stay out of all the promotional shots, opting instead to take photos of the beautiful Dave's Cans sign that will be hanging on the entranceway arch.


Back to the office, sans Delorean time machine, but work on Dave's Cans continues nonetheless. Dave's Cans needs lights! A private discussion after I left the office last week concluded that I rightfully did all the wrong research, and there's an easier and more cost-effective way. Hanging lights will create a perceptual ceiling to the rooftop venue, splayed upon the night sky canvas. Drawings by Lauren while I organised financial papers (again, money is important) deduced that a good hundred or two hundred metres should do it. We don't mess around. But we need those lights pronto, ASAP, on the fly - or whatever lingo you decide to produce, fellow reader. And there's bad news - local suppliers are all out of what we need. Did that stop us? No way, Michael Bay! We managed to track down a local warehouse that didn't have the quantity we needed, but solutions were quickly flown out on paper to make it work. Problem was, they closed at 3:30pm. It was 2:50pm, and it involved a 40km trip to the Northern suburbs in peak hour traffic. No problem for Cale Black: Expert Driving Master, Ph. D.! Fortunately, we made it in time. Unfortunately, we discovered when we got back to the office, that we didn't check the order before we left, and had received a coloured variety. Disappointing, but there was a lesson learned. Check the goddamn boxes.

The day was coming to an end, and we were reflecting on the progress made over bottles of Coke and delicious crack-laden hot chips from Jester's. Today didn't feel like I achieved much, but it may be because a lot of work was completed in preparation for the crunch period. That's my assumption. I'm not worried or nervous for Sunday's launch - in fact, I know it'll all be ready for opening. We'll pull through.

Earning those Dave Dollars: redeemable for delicious beers all summer at Dave's Cans. Again, come down to opening night this Sunday from 4pm! Today's post is somewhat lackluster - compared to last week, for sure - I'm saving all my energy for the weekend. I'm going to need it.


- c.


NB: New developments. Will update with a post early next week. Stay tuned.