For The Rest Of Us

"I got a lot of problems with you people - now you're gonna hear about it!"

While Frank Costanza began the holiday sensation "Festivus" in 1997 with the Airing of Grievances, I'll choose the less volatile path and give some direction for writings for the next few weeks - followed by the Feats of Strength down at Cottesloe Beach tonight.

The DWA office is closed for the Festivus season. When I asked David on Sunday night in regards to when it will re-open, a wave of uncertainty came about. For now, we are completely fine with taking a little time off and getting away from it all. I'm expecting to get back into the fray in mid-January, but it's all tentative. TBD. Or TBS. I always mix those up on mark-ups on drawings, which David has no hesitation to get the budget marker pen out and correct my mistakes. Expect no updates to The Intern Writing Series until mid-January or so.

Does this mean that I'm going to stop? Not on your life. Two days ago, I sat down in a coffee shop for a few hours and wrote about my thoughts towards writing styles, entitled WAR. It recounts a past event involving a colleague, an unreleased sample of work, and an analysis of my writing style. The entire experience was on my mind constantly for a few weeks, so sitting down and getting it all out of my mind in an afternoon was quite a pleasant feeling. Give it a read. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Two books came my way recently: Jørn Utzon: Drawings and Buildings, and Drawing Paris.

Jørn Utzon: Drawings and Buildings, Michael Asgaard Andersen (2013, Princeton Architectural Press).

There was an immediate lust for this book as soon as I saw it sitting on the shelf. Last week, I finished reading a Penguin Special's book on Utzon and the Sydney Opera House, and reading about the architect's struggle throughout the project and his intimate and emotional battle through his career, and it had an amazing effect on me. I just had to have this. I had a flick through in the store, and that lust turned into love. It has everything.

Can Felíz, Spain (1991-94). Jørn Utzon: Drawings and Buildings, Michael Asgaard Andersen (2013, Princeton Architectural Press). Excerpt: Page 259..

Sketch designs, development application documents, materiality research, interviews with the architect, detail drawings - the list is endless. From a time when computers were not available, the drawings, details, engineering and the design aspect of it all are awe-inspiring. The detail below has my complete interest right now.

Melli Bank, Iran (1959-62). Jørn Utzon: Drawings and Buildings, Michael Asgaard Andersen (2013, Princeton Architectural Press). Excerpt: Page 213.

It's incredibly superficial to say this, but damnnnn. I look forward to reading this on the break between lazy afternoons. The other book I managed to get my heads on for a measly sum is Drawing Paris, by David George Holm.

Drawing Paris, David George Holm (2010, Jane Curry Publishing).

This book was more of a pleasure-buy: I've had the urge to travel to France for a very long time. It details the journeys of Holm through Paris' twenty arrondissements (for the English-savvy, think 'municipalities') and his drawings of notable buildings and structures. The book also features a bit of a back-story behind Parisian architecture throughout history. A nice casual read with a notebook to write down details about particular locations for a planned future visit sometime soon.

I posted a little update in Interlude I a few weeks back, and I'm going to go through those dot points again briefly:

  • Accelerated Learning Lab Design Competition. Still awaiting news.
  • Enrolment 2014. No change.
  • EOI RE: Tentative Project. Some movement.
  • MOANA Designs. No change. CAD drawings coming soon.
  • Communication Mediums. No change.
  • Jury Review System Analysis. Drafting.
  • Perth Train Station Analysis. Sketchy.
  • Architectural Reading Material Discussion. Incoming soon, with the above two discussed in more detail along with Utzon and the Sydney Opera House and Tadao Ando: Conversations with Students.

In addition:

Currently listening to:

  • AM, Arctic Monkeys. Best album of 2013.
  • Transitions, El Ten Eleven. Perfect writing/designing ambient music.
  • Because The Internet, Childish Gambino.
  • The Kinks back catalogue.
  • I See Seaweed, The Drones.
  • ...Like Clockwork, Queens of the Stone Age. Eventually.
  • Last, but not least.

That just about wraps it all up. Big things in 2014. See you on the other side.