A New Life

Hello internet, and welcome to another iteration of myself.


Yes, this is the fourth or so incarnation of my website. Should I be concerned with my dissatisfaction with my website every few months? Maybe not. If something stops evolving, it slowly moves to extinction. Using a new web platform and being able to outsource most of the design part is extremely useful; and an enabler for my constant change, moving away from outdated HTML, to integrated layout styles generated from templates. Easy. I'm still trying to work out how to integrate my old website URL with this site design - something about CNAME. I'll work it out soon, and hopefully it doesn't take this whole thing down.

Notable changes include a shift back to the personal website name and professional presentation. I felt that trying to keep a platform for experimentation, and at the same time trying to present myself professionally, was too conflicting and was too demanding of my time. There are some elements of the last iteration moved forward to this current design:

  • I will continue writing in this fashion. It's a personal conversation between you and me, whoever you are.
  • The store remains. Nothing is in there at the moment, but I plan on doing some graphic design (now that there is some influence within my professional space), so keep an eye out for that.

Besides the above points, most things are changing. Comments are enabled for writings, with new projects being given writing posts so people can comment on them. At the moment, moderation will be at an absolute minimum, but can change if things get unruly. Realistically, they won't. I've removed the "Experimentation" and "Sketches" sections of the website, and will probably only introduce them in writings. I'm still up in the air about my "Photography" section - now that I am a proud owner of a Canon EOS 60D with a twin lens kit - but we shall see. Honing my skills in relation to architectural photography techniques is important, and there is definitely a market out there for skilled individuals. Things may change. The font from the last iteration, Didact Gothic, will most likely be replaced. I grew tired of it and didn't have the patience to change eveything individually (Using HTML and replacing everything manually was even harder; by no means do the two tasks compare).  Besides that, I think that's about it.

Any questions, shoot me an email. Always up for a chat.