The Intern: Part IX

Tuesday, 14th January 2014

David Weir Architects

Mosman Park, Western Australia, Australia

Here it is: the THREE DAY, TRIPLE-HEADER BLOCKBUSTER SPECTACULAR that you've all been waiting for has finally arrived in the written form of THE INTERN: PART IX, in all of its unedited and candid form.

...except it wasn't three days. It wasn't even two. And not even one full day. I'm sorry to disappoint, but the THREE DAY, TRIPLE-HEADER BLOCKBUSTER SPECTACULAR has been downgraded to just a ONE DAY, SINGLE-HEADER MEDIOCRE RELATIVITY release. But in no way does that reflect the fantastic week it has been.

I checked in to the office at 9:45am - or, more accurately, I was waiting outside the door at 9:45am with Lauren. It was the first day of the DWA office opening for the new year, and the late start was not expected but surely not surprising. David pulled in just after 10:00am to chants of sly comments and the motion of taking over and renaming the firm to "David Weir's Interns Architects". Dishing cheek comes with receiving a double dose in return, with questions surrounding "Kyle's qualifications". Touché.

A sit down discussion at the aptly-named dinner table (or rather, David's large deskspace) resulted in the focusing of goals for the year. It will be a huge year at DWA with many projects in the pipeline, but it prompted a self-governance of goals and objectives for the year. I didn't really think about what I wanted to achieve for myself personally, but some goals came to mind. I'll go more into details in a future post, but it's been on my mind for the past week.

BACK TO WORK. There's only four hours in my day, and I was eager to jump straight in. David requested assistance with the maintenance of the website, with updates required and a check of correct information. With the commonly referred-to lexicon in the previous instalments of THE INTERN, Dave needs Dave's Cans! Literally. There was no project page for Dave's Cans on the DWA website. Unacceptable. Cale is on the job. Promotion and a showcasing of projects is rated highly in the profession: if no one recognises your projects, then we are failing as our role of architect.

It's important to provide integrity in the review process. Here is a third-party reviewing a draft copy of THE INTERN: Part IX before publishing.

DWA is powered by WordPress™, a platform I'm not too familiar with. is powered by SquareSpace™ (PLUG DOLLAR$ THANKS), so this is new territory. I wasn't one of those teenagers who had a WordPress site. We've all been there. It's somewhat easy to use, and the layout of the website looks great with the foundations set by design company tonne gramme, who we frequently collaborate with on projects. It pained me to see the disuse of superscript in square metre designation - it was this one small thing, but I'm a stickler for the small things. After all, it's something the one percent will notice. A complete trudge through all active projects commenced, with proper superscript and linked contributors properly defined. It sounds meticulous to many people, but it's something I weirdly enjoy. We're all weird in our own ways.

When it came to the addition of the Dave's Cans project on the website, I took the opportunity to upload my own photography work. This is a double effective strategy - it populates the project page with relatively-highly developed images, and promotes my website through linking and gives my inflated egotistical mindset an unrequited boost. You can see the photos that I captured on the following Friday night at the DWA website and on the project page. All in all, I captured about 200 images and about 15 minutes of video. It was a great exercise in photographing architectural projects, low-light environment shoots, and a motion away from primarily monochromatic photos that I have been leaning towards, for ease of editing. Removing the aspect of colour greatly reduces edit time, but can be considered a scapegoat out of properly editing colour profiles. Moving away from monochromatic and going towards full colour profiles in Adobe Lightroom enhances those skill sets that I desperately need.

The day ended with lunch and a visit from a new client with a very cute toddler. It's day one of 2014 for us, and we're already looking at a handful of new jobs in the office. It's going to be a cracker of a year and I'll be looking forward to the wild ride.

This week is another special week; university camps prevent me from going to the office. THE INTERN Part X will release next week, with normalcy returned to the writing series. Visits to Melbourne are scheduled for February, so expect some updates regarding the disownment of the unchangeable Perth culture and comments regarding cheap pints, great coffee and "I'm moving to Melbourne!" promises that everyone commits to after the first travel to the cultural capital of Australia and the home of four seasons in one day. Cue the pompous "Perth is sooooooo dullsville!"™ writing entry - which is coming, but not in that context.