Egotistic Statistic

Last month, something amazing happened.

For the first time, reached over one thousand views in a month, with 290 unique viewers - averaging about three to four page views each. While these numbers are still very small in the grand scheme of things, managing a four-digit view count monthly based on new content involving recounting experiences and discussions is massive. In my opinion, at least.

In October, requests from mobile devices was at zero. January's mobile requests totalled a whopping 33.33% of all requests - and this number is continuing to rise. Further research into mobile-friendly layouts and thoughtful design has been prompted by these numbers. If you're reading this writing from a mobile device, congratulations. You're a statistic.

Referrers have been mostly derived from other pages on, with over half of requests from January stemming from viewing another page - good news, you're not just clicking on a link and closing the tab. You're actually reading other stuff on the website. 20% like to type in my website address directly. A little over 13% come from facebook; pair this statistic with the largest referrer link and average views per unique, and there's a bit more than just reading a writing piece, thinking "That's cool", and closing the tab.

The announcement of Dave's Cans as a project garnered the most views in January, while the homepage continues to storm ahead of all other pages, taking 25% of all views. Writing pieces that deviate from THE INTERN Writing Series tend to be more recognised, but January was quite devoid of this type of material, with special writing pieces such as 2014 taking over. With only about two or three days of exposure, SONA reached the top 10 of the charts.

Squarespace's logs are eerily detailed - with every request, I can see the IP address, country, what operating system you're using, what browser you're using, referrer, and what time you accessed the request. Jesus. With that comes some really neat details; in the last few months, I've noticed requests from the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Canada, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, France, Spain, and others that have escaped my memory. More people are viewing my website than I have previously thought.

What's next? Possibly a mailing list. I'm on the fence at the moment with implementing it, with issues such as frequency arising. I don't think it's my business. We'll see in the future. RSS feed subscriptions are slowly ticking in at a few per month, so perhaps some more integration on that front will do some good. Squarespace has the infrastructure for a built-in store - I want to make money. We all do. Awaiting opportunity to present herself, however, is another thing altogether.

This is an egotistical and quick update, but more than a thousand hits in a month? It's a milestone.