The Intern XIV: Culminations & Continuations

Thursday, 27th February 2014

David Weir Architects

Mosman Park, Western Australia, Australia

I am quite the sentimental person, so when it comes to saying farewell to two of the things that have been with me at David Weir Architects since the beginning, please forgive me when I choose to overtake this edition of THE INTERN to talk about them. This week, DWA says farewell to our personal project, Dave's Cans, and the only other remaining intern in the office, Lauren.

Lauren. Lozza. Lozenger. Lolren. L-Dawg. Glasswoman.

Lauren started at DWA around the same time as me, just finishing her coursework for her Master's degree and needing the required 16 weeks of full time logbook work to graduate. We first met on the site of Exploding!, and our first official task together was a site measure for a house renovation in Nedlands. I still remember measuring every single surface imaginable with the laser measure device on the way to the site, coffees in hand. Since then, we've worked on many other projects, including but not limited to Dave's Cans, Exploding!, The Expanding Townhouse, and many other projects that are still under wraps (David holds me to those NDAs with the threat of chopping my head off).

Every day in the office with the three of us meant that fun times were ahead; whether it was putting up with my constant pop culture references, singing, uneducated remarks, shenanigans, or plots to take over the office schemed in the car in the morning before David arrived at the office. You never liked me taking photos of you, but I always managed to sneak some in - most of the time, you were blurred, looking away, or were about to launch into a fiery rage. You were always there to - dare I say - 'female up the place', but somehow you managed to show more masculinity than me in almost all situations. And you also took the awkward statements I made, such as the one I just said. That was a compliment! I don't know why or how I get myself into these situations. Thanks for understanding and not taking it the wrong way.

We'll work together again sometime soon, but I wish you all the best in whatever you do and wherever you go. Farewell, but never goodbye.

We also say goodbye to the project that really brought us all together; Dave's Cans. This Saturday is Dave's Last Shout - the end of the Summer of Dave. We're winding it all up and ending the project with a huge send-off, the likes of which will be sure to rattle the neighbours for weeks to come. The memory of the first hammering of the nail that began it all is still fresh in my head; myself, Dave and Jaxon all up on that rooftop, slowly dehydrating and succumbing to the high noon sun. We poured our little bits of blood, sweat and tears into the place - with Dave making up most of those secretions (there's a sentence I thought I would never pontificate). The dream stayed alive all throughout summer, and we've seen some amazing shows up on the rooftop with great company and cold cans of frothy beer.

But all good things must come to an end.

Join us up on the rooftop at Dave's Cans for one last time this Saturday - there are limited tickets at the door, so make sure you get in real fast on the day. Say farewell with Dave, Jaxon, Lachlan, Lauren, Andrew, Andy, and all the countless others that have contributed to the project that we've been feverishly working on for the last six months. I am incredibly proud to say that I was a part of Dave's Cans, and I will always remember it as the first built project with my name on it in fineprint on the list of contributors at DWA.

Gone, but never forgotten, Dave's Cans.

I apologise for taking up this writing entry writing a soliloquy for two large parts of my time at DWA, but if you've been reading these entries since the beginning, you would completely understand my heartfelt connection to these two.

There was one notable thing this week, as well...

I'm digging it.