The Intern XVI: Master Of The House

Monday, 12th May 2014

David Weir Architects

Mosman Park, Western Australia, Australia

As of Monday, 12th May 2014, I am the Office Manager for David Weir Architects.

I still don't know how to react to this.

What does this all mean? Good question. I'm still not 100% sure of what I do. All I do is walk into the office in the morning, and then walk out in the evening. Between those times, I make things happen. Anything. I should be brandishing a monkey wrench and cracking a tin of VB at the end of the day. That's a bad way of describing it. Simply put, I am the Master of the House - or so I think. Dolling out the charm, and always ready with a handshake. I do as many things as I can do so that the office can pump out that magical thing called architecture at a higher rate. Have you seen those Tour De France support teams taking it easy in the car for the whole race? I'm not in the race, but I'm supporting them every step of the way. I'm not cycling up mountains or smashing out a sprint every day, but I'm ready with an energy bar and a water bottle.

That's still a horrible way of putting it.

Offices don't operate on their own; especially in a small firm. There are operational tasks to attend to - for the government, the accountants and the institute. Finances. What's the cash flow like? Send that invoice out to Mrs X. Printer ink is running low. Do we have the resources available to take on another job in six months? Buy the milk, the bread, and the biscuits for the biscuit jar. You gotta have a biscuit jar. Have you paid those bills? I'm only asking, because the power has been turned off, the water flow is down to a trickle, and we're being evicted. These are some of the things I do as an office manager. I also do some architectural work on the side, but Mondays are usually for all the administration tasks.

With my role, I will be dealing with a large number of confidential documents. Because of this, I will not be writing about my experiences as an office manager. Not now, not ever. Besides the number one fact that these documents are confidential, you don't want to read about all of that. And if I do, there will be [withheld] tags everywhere. Come on, don't make me do that. It's not fun. Plus, writing all these entries about my intern experiences are much more enjoyable to write about - I don't want to be talking numbers here! Not yet, at least. Not until I'm 40, or 50 years old, and the writing series has evolved into THE PRINCIPLE. One can dream.

A big part of this new role - paid. Paid. In an architect's office, paid. A third year architectural student / office manager. I am going to fly through Professional Practice in fourth year.

My motivation to write large and fleshed out writing entries have been sucked by the black hole that is 'folio', which is due in a few days. After that, however, I'm free. FREE. For a few weeks, at least. And boy, do I have things lined up. Join me on the ride!

Until then, I'm going to jump back into AutoCAD and get some annotations done. It's 4:05am, no time for sleep. Not until Ben Folds Five whispers sweet sha-la-las in my ears.

Comforter, philosopher and lifelong mate,