Photos, Petrol & You: Site Updates

I am always talking about petrol.

It's that time of the semester where things are being laid on pretty heavy. Folio submissions are approaching, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on multiple things when your time is occupied by detail drawings and whether you've got that perfect balance of white space, between 'isolation akin to Perth' and 'Tokyo Vibes'. Updates will be trickling slowly for the next few weeks, so here's what's been happening around this corner of the internet.

Do things look different? The typeface for the website has been changed from 'Didact Gothic' to 'Futura PT'; my love for the Bauhaus-inspired typeface has not been satisfied enough, it seems. Layouts have remained largely the same, but pages are looking more crisp and coherent. They've needed a good tweaking since the introduction back in...July or August last year? Change is good.

Here are some other updates and improvements:

  • Comments are enabled on writing entries. I don't know how I haven't turned this on earlier. A global option has been disabling them for a long time, and I only just re-discovered it a few days ago. You can now comment on any writing entry. Feel free to blast me on stuff I've done horribly, terribly wrong.
  • You can subscribe! Yes, you can choose to receive a weekly email wrapping up everything new on the website, from writings to new projects. The subscribe button is up on the top left - you can probably see it now - and it takes a few seconds to do. Why not? What do you have to lose? Your sanity? It's gone already.
  • Photography is now a section. For the last month or two, I've made a foray into semi-professional photography. Semi-professional, because in no way am I deserving of the title of professional. I do what I love, because it brings joy to people. And it means that I can concentrate less on finances. Win-win for everyone. Check it out.

I think that about wraps it up. Coursework, DWA, ALVA and SONA are all keeping me very busy, along with that new foray. We'll see where that takes me; I've only just begun.

In a very chauvinistic tone: woof woof!